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Servo Stabilisers


Salient Features of Three Phase Servo Stabilisers


  • Control automatically as well as manually the Input voltage fluctuations in Single Phase (160 – 280 Volts or as required) and Three Phase (280 – 480 Volts or as required).

  • Maintain the Output Voltage from 230 Volts ± 1% or as required between 200 Volts - 250 Volts for Single Phase and 400 Volts ± 1% for Three Phase.

  • Both side Cut-Off facility with Cut-Off By-pass through “Direct on Switch”

  • Built-in “Single Phasing Preventor”, which works at Auto Cut-Off mode within Auto Control Mode, Manual Control Mode & Auto/Manual Control Mode (The Single Phasing Preventor protects your costly & precious Load/Machine/Plant from the damages generated in operating within any Single Phase failure)

  • Single Phasing Preventor can be by-passed through “Direct on Switch”

  • Built-in “Protection Device” for Phase sequence reversal. If the Phase sequence has been changed then this device will not ON the output of the Stabiliser & it saves any type of damage due to change in the Phase sequence coming from the mainline

  • Suitable for unbalanced load (maximum one-third capacity of the rated capacity on each Phase)

  • Maintains the unbalanced Input voltage fluctuation for each Phase, individually The transformer is 100% Copper wounded

  • All the panel accessories & controls are connected with the fuses for safety purposes

  • For easy maintenance, all the panels are detachable and connected with Plug-in-Type facility

  • The main electronic control cards are Plug-in-Type.

  • For major repairing or replacement of the Variac Carbons, the whole Stabiliser is assembled on a single frame. This frame can be uplifted above the oil tank with the help of the two Jacks, which are provided with the frame on both the sides. It is a unique feature in this Stabiliser & pioneer in India.
  Models Available:
Single Phase: 3.0   KVA     to  400 KVA  
Three Phase: 10.0 KVA     to   1200 KVA