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Generator Alarm  

As soon the power re-energizes after failure, Kiranotics Generator Alarm gives a loud alarm sound for a fixed time as set by the user. This sound is an indication of main power resumption and hence an indication to the user to turn off the power generator to save some extra fuel from burning.



  • IC Control Solid State Device
  • Adjustable Auto Timer Audio & Visual Indication
  • Loud Alarming Sound
  • Wide Operation Voltage Range
  • Negligible Power Consumption
  • Light Weight and Compact Size
  • Easy and Low Cost installation


Operating Voltage

    : 150-300 Volts

Power Capacity : 2 Watts (approx.)
Power Consumption         : Less than two units per month

    : 185mm x 85mm x 60mm


    : 185mm x 1.1 kgs (approx.)

Mechanical Installation : Hangs on a single screw
Electrical Installation 

    : Connect the Wire directly with Mains before Generator



  • Kiranotics Generator Alarm can be used with high capacity Kiranotics Manual Voltage Stabilisers (which are specially used for Main Line), as a Cut-Off position indicator. Some Stabiliser users face problem in knowing whether the Main is off due to Main failure or Stabiliser Cut-Off on high voltage. After installation of this Alarm with Stabiliser, this problem will be solved because it will start giving a loud alarming sound for a fixed time as an indication of Cut-Off position of Stabiliser.

  • Kiranotics Generator Alarm is specially designed to withstand high voltage upto 300 Volts. Likewise, Kiranotics Generator Alarm can also be used with many type of devices, equipments and panels for sound indication.